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The Military Connect online community seeks to provide a safe and responsive place for veterans in all stages of transition from military service to civilian employment to gain access to career guidance and support that has been vetted by corporate career professionals, to share their stories, and to support one another.

Benefits of Membership

Career Advisors

The Lockheed Martin Military Relations Team are active in the community daily, supported by an even larger team of volunteer coaches. Together, they are here to respond to questions, provide feedback, learn about challenges encountered and help find ways to support veterans striving for a successfull civilian career.

David Wallace

David Wallace
Community Manager
Military Relations Project Lead
Retired, US Navy

David Wallace

Charles Tulaney
Military Relations Manager
Eastern Region
Retired, US Marine Corps

David Wallace

James Shelton
Military Relations Manager
Central Region
Retired, US Army

David Wallace

Simeon Garriott
Military Relations Manager
Western Region
Retired, US Navy

Transition Plan of Action

Our Transition Plan of Action, a nine step plan, was created by looking at what topics veterans in the various stages of tranistion search for and what questions they ask most frequently. It connects you to more than 7,000 articles and conversations curated from across the internet by our Military Relations Team and fellow community members.

It covers such topics as:

  • Personal Self Assessment - Identifying what you need from a civilian career
  • Planning Your Civilian Career - Creating realistic timelines and targets
  • Presenting Your Skills - From resume development to military terminology translation
  • Managing Your Job Search - Finding opportunities and applying
  • Marketign Yourself - Maintaining social profiles and online visibility
  • Communications & Outreach - The do's and dont's of contacting employers
  • Interviewing - Understanding the process and preparation needed
  • Managing Your Career - Using your military skills successfully on the job to advance
  • Helping Others - Sharing your journey, tips, and coaching others
transition plan of action

Peer-to-peer Support

Military Connect has grown to include thousands of members spread across all 50 US states and 23 countries. It is truly intended to be a place where veterans can engage with one another, share transition experiences and guidance with one another, and develop a plan to excel in a civilian career.


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