C-BEN is a network of colleges, organizations and individuals dedicated to realizing the
potential of competency-based education.

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C-BEN recognizes that today, competency-based education is still a nascent field with a small number of people and institutions understanding enough to describe it or implement it. To ensure its impact on the future of learning and student success, C-BEN is committed to spreading its knowledge and expertise through programming and support services that can help others move through the learning curve competently - accelerating development, adoption, and continued innovation.

C-BEN members share a commitment to core principles and practices, and a willingness to work collaboratively to:

  • harness the potential of the CBE ecosystem;
  • promote and advance CBE as a strong and legitimate pathway to high-quality degrees and credentials for all learners;
  • play a defining role in the growth of the movement;
  • build and scale high-quality CBE programs; and
  • advance the latest in innovative competency-based learning practices.

Our Priorities

grow demand


To reach scale and build a sustainable movement, C-BEN helps students, employers, and other key stakeholders better understand CBE and its evidence of outcomes for completion, cost, and workforce needs alignment. This strand of work focuses on telling the CBE story more effectively on a national level, with resources available for local and statewide institutional and organizational use.

build capacity


To help institutions and organizations offer high-quality CBE programs, C-BEN equips leaders from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives with the resources needed to be successful in their various roles. This strand of work focuses on creating new evidence-based resources, establishing communities of practices by institutional role, and offering training and consulting services. Also, the work connects CBE to other education innovations which have the potential to expand the CBE movement.

remove barriers


To make the design and delivery of CBE programs less challenging, C-BEN seeks to remove barriers currently in place through legislative, regulatory or accreditation bodies. This strand of work fully supports responsible innovation, including safeguards against potential bad actors. Through educational outreach efforts, evidence that CBE delivers on its promises is shared with those who have oversight responsibility for laws, regulations and standards that restrict CBE implementation. This priority also includes building institutional infrastructure for CBE programs, such as IT related tools.

Benefits of Membership

  • Coordinated advocacy efforts representing the entire C-BEN community;
  • The latest information on significant public policy issues;
  • Connection to federal policymakers as they make critical decisions about the future of competency-based education;
  • Access to C-BEN research findings;
  • Access to a network of change agents who ordinarily would be fragmented and isolated;
  • Participation in a unified movement advocating for the promotion and effectiveness of competency-based learning and education;
  • Discounts on education and training workshops, seminars and events;
  • Ability to leverage, at a discounted rate, C-BEN products and services to benefit a member’s own program design, development and scale;
  • Opportunities to contribute, share and disseminate content thought leadership through C-BEN Tools (C-BEN Community, Competency-L, Newsletters, Publications, Summits, Conferences);
  • Opportunity to apply as a C-BEN Collaboration project member.
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